Beard Hair Transplant: 10 Things You Should Know

In 2014, beard hair transplants shot to fame as a new branch of surgical hair restoration, and it remains to be a growing trend. However, the practice is not entirely new, this has been done for several years already. Even then, it is still important that you do your homework if ever you are planning to get a beard done. These ten facts will make for a great start.

10 Beard Hair Transplant Facts

1. Facial hair transplants are not limited to beards

Getting a facial hair transplant is not only limited to fashioning a beard transplant. You can also have it done to get a goatee, a mustache or sideburns. It may even be a perfect way to fill out patchiness in facial hairs. It can also be done to hide acne scars or any types of scars for that matter. Furthermore, you can also get some work done on your eyebrows as well.

2. This gets you the beard you always wanted

This procedure can get you the beard you so desire, and not just some random growth. With it, you can have the shape and distribution you want.

3. The donor hairs are taken from the scalp

Just like traditional hair transplant surgery, the donor hairs are taken from the back portion of the scalp. It is can be done either through FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUE (Follicular Unit ExtractIon), two approaches to surgical hair restoration. There is no need to be worried about the aesthetic outcome on the part of the donor area because surgeons design any resulting scars to be easily concealed.

In some cases, the sides of the scalp can also be used. However, whichever site is used is often decided on which has the closest match to facial hair. The new hairs that will grow soon will take on the same characteristics of other facial hairs, such as its texture. And yes, you can even shave these off, without you having to worry about these not growing back.

4. It takes several hundred to thousands of hair grafts

The average number of grafts for a facial hair transplant would be 350-500 grafts for a mustache, 600-700 grafts for a full goatee, 300-700 grafts for a cheek beard, and 200-250 grafts for each sideburn. This would differ and could go up to a thousand if you want a full blown beard, and these patients would require a second procedure for additional grafts.

5. The procedure can take up to four hours

The exact length of the procedure will vary for each patient. This will depend on the type of beard they want to achieve. However, a typical beard hair transplant will take around 2-4 hours to finish. So be wary of places who promise to give you a beard transplant in a shorter amount of time. Quality results will demand a good amount of time because this is a very delicate procedure that takes careful skill and precision for great results. Some patients would even require a second procedure, although most can be done in a single session.

6. Transplanted hairs will fall out after two weeks

There is no need to be worried about this occurrence because this is only a normal process. This is an expected reaction known as “shock loss.” What patients need to know is that this is different from shedding. The hairs will simply grow back usually around three months. It is not fully understood as to why this phenomenon occurs, but some experts weighed in that it might have something to do about changes in blood supply in the scalp, or in this case, the chin.

7. Minimal risk involved

Like any surgical cosmetic procedures, beard hair transplants also come with certain risks. These risks include bruising, swelling, and redness in the area. There is minimal pain involved after the procedure, and this doesn’t last long and is very manageable. Scarring is also a risk, but this will be dependent on factors like skin healing, aftercare, and your strict adherence to antibiotic therapy.

8. You may have to take a day off

You may have to a day or two off from work. The procedure can last up to 5 hours, and you might need to get some downtime the following day.

9. Gray hairs included

Surgeons would even take the extra effort to strategically arrange or scatter gray hairs so the end result will come out natural-looking. So if you have a salt-and-pepper head, your beard should be the same way too.

10. Permanent

The best thing about beard transplant is the fact that it provides a permanent solution. Even if you shave it off, the hairs will grow back. However, it is not advised to do anything with those newly transplanted stubs for the first ten days after surgery. It is also worth knowing that you can’t be a beard donor.

If you plan to get a beard transplant, Australia can have this procedure for $7000-$10000, depending on the extent of the work that needs to be done. So be wise about clinics that would offer much less than this or those who claim that they can do it faster.

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