Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE Hair Transplant Sydney

Sydney/Canberra : $9,000+GST for 2,000 grafts

Nothing makes you feel quite as confident as a full head of hair. Sydney Hair Transplant Clinic wants to help you recapture that feeling through Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure is available at our Sydney and Canberra clinics. However we offer private hair transplant consultations across Australia.

FUE Technique

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant technique that is developed to avoid the common concerns associated with Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). This procedure does need any strip incisions since it uses a special tool which acts like a punch to create a small circular incision around the grafts. This means that the donor grafts are directly taken from the donor area. The technique requires more careful precision and skill because without proper handling, this can lead to donor graft wastage due to an increased resection rate. It is for these reasons why FUE is more expensive than FUT. FUE also makes it possible to perform graft harvesting in other areas of the body possible.

Pros and Cons

One of the major advantage of FUE is the absence of the linear scar on the donor area. This also means that there is less discomfort and decreased healing time at the donor site. The absence of any scar also allows the patient to go back to active exercises.

FUE is also useful for patients with a greater risk for donor site scarring (e.g. younger patients, patients with very tight or very loose scalps, very muscular or athletic patients). This approach is also a perfect alternative if the scalp is too tight for a strip excision. The fine-tuned technique of the FUE also allows the harvest of finer hair found at the nape, which is perfect for filling up the hairline or the eyebrows.

As much as FUE has given the surgical hair restoration market a better way to address donor harvesting, this technique also has a list of disadvantages. One of the major concerns is that the follicular units have to be harvested from a wider area compared to FUT. Since donor hairs are harvested in the middle portion of the occipital portion of the head with FUT this yields high quality grafts. However in FUE, to be able to have a sufficient number of donor grafts the follicular units have to be extracted from the upper and lower portions of the donor area. So over time the hairs transplanted from these areas will eventually be lost, or it easily sheds. This may not be a significant outcome but it is something to consider as well.

FUE also provides a lower quality of grafts compared to FUT. They are more fragile because the method of extraction caused them to lack the protective dermis and fat that often accompanies a microscopically dissected donor graft.  This will lead to a lower graft yield because low quality grafts do not grow so well.

The entire donor area must have to be shaved in large hair transplant sessions. This can create a temporary aesthetic concern especially among patients who constantly have to be out and about in public. The scarring is also another factor because even though these will be very small, they can also be plenty. For example, if a patient needs 2,000 grafts, then he will also have 2,000 tiny round scars.

This technique takes more time and effort, which means you also have to be prepared to shell out more cash. It also requires a certain technique that only a trained and skilled surgeon will be able to perform correctly.

How many grafts will you need?

The cost of your hair transplant depends solely on the number of follicles/grafts ( average follicle has 1.6 hairs) you need.

The 1st 1000 grafts @ $9.90
The next 500 grafts @ $8.80
The next 500 grafts @ $7.70
The next 500 grafts @ $6.60
Thereafter $5.50 per graft


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Before and After FUE Hair Transplant*

View results of others who’ve successfully regain their fuller head of hair with FUE hair transplant in Sydney.


*Individual results may vary

What is the Cost of FUE hair transplant?

Sydney/Canberra : $9,000+GST for 2,000 grafts

The evolution of hair transplant techniques made it possible for the results to look natural. It is also proven to create long-lasting results making it an option to treat different forms of baldness.

GraftsInc. GST

Who is a Good Candidate?

A person can be a good candidate for an FUE when he does not have enough skin on the scalp for a strip procedure. He should must also be clear from any bleeding tendencies because even though this is minimally invasive compared to FUT, a thousand tiny grafts can still create some bleeding risks.

It is also important that a patient has realistic expectations about the procedure. In some cases a patient may have to come in for multiple sessions due to the amount of time it takes for FUE to be completed. And just like FUT, some surgeons also want to assess the outcome of the first treatment to see if any succeeding session is necessary. So one must also be able to understand what the risks and limitations are that also accompanies the benefits of FUE.

The patient must also have enough donor supply for current and future needs. But for a lot of surgeons, they will suggest hair transplant when the patient is already unresponsive to medical therapy.

The Procedure 


During the pre-operative period, the surgeon will have the patient go through the usual process of evaluation. This will begin during the initial consultation, through which the surgeon will decide if the patient is a good candidate for hair transplant or FUE. He also clears the patient from any medical concerns that would hinder him from a successful hair transplant outcome.


Similar to FUT, the follicular unit extraction technique will only need a local anaesthetic. This will be injected both on the donor and recipient sites. Prior to that, the surgeon must ensure that the patient is not allergic to anaesthetic. Once the patient is under anaesthesia, the surgeon now prepares the donor area.

The Donor Area

Relatively, an FUE provides less trauma to the donor site compared to the strip method. The hairs on the donor area would have to be shaved shorter than its usual size for easier removal. The surgeon uses a special tool that will act like a punch to create a circular incision around the graft. He has to be very careful to avoid transection especially with hair follicles that are spaced closely together. When a surgeon lacks the skill and precision, he could end up wasting viable grafts. There is no need to suture the tiny holes created on the scalp, as these will simply heal on their own.

Implanting the Hair

The implantation method for FUE is just similar to FUT where small incisions are created on the recipient site on which the donor grafts will be implanted. Similarly, the surgeon would have to ensure the right distribution, angle of insertion and direction to create aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking results.


The recovery period of the donor site is relatively faster than that with FUT. Since you only have small circular holes on the donor area as opposed to the strip of wound, this will already close in 2 weeks’ time. In fact, this will already heal a week after surgery.

As for the recipient sites, it will still undergo a shock loss after two months, before new and stronger hair will grow in its place. The process will take months, but surgeons often guarantee that you will be getting your first haircut at ten to twelve months.

Recovery will be a breeze when you just follow the post-operative instructions that the surgeon gives. Go to follow-up sessions so that you can be assessed on the progression of your recovery.


Follicular Unit Extraction provides better aesthetic results, particularly on the donor site. There is no need for the patient to worry about any scars that may become visible especially if they want to wear their hair short.

FUE has provided excellent results, but you also have to play your part during the recovery process to achieve success at the end. Some may need a second hair transplant if the surgeon deems it necessary to achieve the desired coverage. But this will be subject to discussion during post-operative check-ups.

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